UHF.TV #14 Requiem for Fred Lewis

UHF.TV #14 - Fred Lewis Memorial Concert and fundraiser
The Vex - East Los Angeles 1/12/13
Standard and Poor, Carnage Asada, Brainspoon, Blank Expressions, Death on the Radio, Legal Weapon, The Gears, Randy Stodola and the Alleycats.

Standard and Poor 
Mr. DeVille - Vocals
Lurch - Bass
Tony Love - Guitar
? - Drums

Carnage Asada - James Brown
George Murillo - vocals
Tony Fate - Guitar
Steve Reed - Drums
Dave Jones - Bass
Chris Stein - Bass
Dave Travis - Cello
Video by Sonja Travis

Brainspoon - Dangerous Eyes
Daphne Vandervalk - Vocals
Michelle Balderrama - Guitar
Tom Underhill - Bass
Chris Diez - Drums

Blank Expressions - Cry, Cry, Cry
Rita Vanegas - Vocals
Andre & Johnny Cheapo - Guitars
Isaias - Bass
Benji- Drums

Death on the Radio - Love Shock 
Danny Dorman - Guitar
Mary Powers - Vocals
Evol Powers - Bass
Roger DeLong - Drums

Legal Weapon - User / Bleeders
Kat Arthur - Vocals
Brian Hanson - Guitar
Steve Reed - Bass
Sean Antillon - Drums

The Gears - Teenage Brain
Axxel G. Reese - Vocals
Kidd Spike - Guitar
Mike "Manifold" Villalobos - Bass
Sean "Shift" Antillon - Drums

Randy Stodola and the Alleycats - Lucky
Randy Stodola - Guitar
Paula O'Rourke - Bass
? - Drums

Video Produced by Dave Travis - UHF.TV
Event Produced by Laura Edwards -Feline Productions

Camera by Dave Travis
Camera on Carnage Asada by Sonja Travis
Edited by Dave Travis
Stage Manager - Steve Reed
Live Sound by Keith Dasalla
Lights by Duley Toledo
Backline provided by Steve Reed

The Vex
Joe Vex Suquette - Founder and CEO
Morgan Picard - Curator
Juan Pablo Propio - Schlepper


Episode 13 - Circle Jerks - My Career as a Jerk - Documentary Premiere

UHF.TV #13 The premiere of My Career as Jerk, Dave Markey's documentary about the Circle Jerks, at the Don't Knock the Rock Film Festival at the Silent Movie Theatre presented by Cinefamily.

This episode includes coments from Director Dave Markey, Circle Jerks members - Keith Morris, Greg Hetson, Earl Liberty, and Lucky Lehrer; Don't Knock the Rock founders Allison Anders and Tiffany Anders, as well as Jordan Schwartz, Abby Travis, Lisa Fancher. Carnage Asada's Dave Jones. and the trailer for the film courtesy of We Got Power Films / Music Video Distributors, as well as a

As a Bonus UHF.TV has thrown in two and a half songs by the Circle Jerks from the Dave Travis punk rock archive. This is part of a performance at the Ford Amphitheater in Hollywood from the summer of 1987. The songs included are Making the Bombs, Casualty Vampires, and Wonderful. The sound is so good because Rat Sound was doing the sound. Some footage from the Dave Travis archive was used in the documentary but footage from this concert isn't, It is provided as a bonus for the UHF.TV viewer. 

The Circle Jerks 1987 lineup was
Keith Morris - vocals
Greg Hetson - Guitar
Zander Schloss - Bass
Keith Clark - Drums.

All video by Dave Travis except the trailer for My Career as a Jerk which is by Dave Markey. Courtesy of We Got Power Films, and MVD - Music Video Distributors.

My Career as a Jerk comes out on DVD on September 25, 2012, released by MVD.

For more info see
We Got Power Films
Music Video Distributors
The Circle Jerks
Cinefamily at the Silent Movie Theatre Hollywood
Don't Knock the Rock Film and Music Festival


Episode 12 - Party in Pedro with Hari Kari, Brainspoon, Million Kids, Carnage Asada

UHF.TV #12 - Party in Pedro
Featuring Hari Kari, Brainspoon, Million Kids, Carnage Asada
at Laura Feline / Billy Caldwell / George Murillo Birthday Party
San Pedro California August 25, 2012

Hari Kari - Pray for Peace
Alma Mclay - vocals
Kyle Mclay - Guitar

Brainspoon - Pick Your Battles
Daphne Vandervalk - Vocals
Michelle Balderrama - Guitar, Vocal
Tom Underhill - Bass
Chris Diez - Drums

Million Kids
Billy Caldwell Guitar, Vocals
Kim Masters Bass, Vocals
Josh Casper - Guitar
Matt Irwin - Drums

Carnage Asada - Steve's Mellow Jam
George Murillo - Vocals
Tony Fate - Guitar
Chris Stein - Bass
Steve Reed - Drums
Dave Jones - Bass
Dave Travis - Cello
Camera by Philo VanDuyne

Video and editing by Dave Travis except Carnage Asada which was video'd by Phil VanDuyne. 
Event Sound by Nubbs Gutmacher
Backline by Steve Reed
Party by Laura Feline and Mel a Feline Production
Video produced by Dave Travis UHF.TV