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Episodes 1-9

UHF.TV #9 UHF.TV / Los Angeles Beat Punk Rock Matinee 
Dead Issue, Fatso Jetson, and Carnage Asada
Redwood Bar & Grill, Los Angeles, May 27, 2012

Dead Issue - America
Guitars - Herb Leneau, Quanah Leneau, Mario Lalli

Bass - Dino Lalli
Drums - Alfredo Hernandez
UHF.TV http://www.uhf.tv/
Los Angeles Beat http://thelosangelesbeat.com/
The Leneau's are the family behind Murphy Beds of Californiahttp://murphybedsca.com/ so if you are in Southern California and you are interested in a Murphy Bed hit them up.
The Lalli's are the family behind Auto Modownhttps://www.facebook.com/Automodown
Alfredo Hernandez is one of the desert's heavy hitters and you can read about his life on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alfredo_Hernandez 

Dead Issue was one of the original punk bands coming out of the Low Desert of Southern California in the early 1980's. Originally the line up was Herb Leneau on vocals, Mario Lalli on Guitar, Scott Reader on Bass, and Alfredo Hernandez on drums. 
They turned into Darkside which had a song on the Soundtrack of Desperate Teenage Lovedolls. Then Herb left and they turned into Across the River which morphed into Yawning Man, Sort of Quartet, and Fatso Jetson. Scott and Alfredo were later reunited in Kyuss in 1994-1995.

FATSO JETSON in a rare three piece lineup at the UHF.TV & Los Angeles Beat Sunday Punk Rock Matinee at the Redwood Bar in Los Angeles May 27, 2012.
Bass and Vocals -Mario Lalli
Guitar - Dino Lalli
Drums - Tony Tornay
usually they are a quintet but Vince was injured (he is back playing now) and Larry could not get off work.
Fatso Jetson http://www.fatsojetson.com

CARNAGE ASADA - Sunday Driveby Afternoon
Redwood Bar, Downtown Los Angeles, California May 27, 2012
George Murillo - Vocals
Dave Jones - Bass
Chris Stein - Bass
Tony Fate - Guitar
Steve Reed - Drums
Dave Travis - Cello
Thank you Michael Alviderez for videoing with my phone.

UHF.TV #8 RIP Celso Chavez, RIP Cafe 322

RIP Celso Chavez - 1967-2012
RIP Cafe 322 - 2005-2012

In this episode we mourn the loss of Celso Chavez and Cafe 322.
Celso Chavez was the guitar player of Possum Dixon a band that went from the Jabberjaw - Al's Bar Scene of the late 80's early 90's to getting signed with Interscope and touring the world before imploding. Here is Celso and Possum Dixon backing up Jim Carroll (1949-2009) at the Ringling Sisters Christmas fundraiser at the Hollywood Palace on December 19, 1994.

Cafe 322 was an Italian Cafe and nightclub run by Mario and Larry Lalli from the band Fatso Jetson. Located in Sierra Madre, Calfornia Cafe 322 featured a wide range of music ranging from Opera to Punk Rock, but focusing mainly on Jazz. Cafe 322 hosted the cast and friends preview of A History Lesson, It was the ideal place. After they stopped serving food they sometimes had some amazing jams.  Here is manager Mario Lalli playing bass with his son Dino Lalli on Guitar, soundman Tim Tutwiler on guitar and Tony Tornay on drums. This was on February 22, 2011.

UHF.TV #7 A Tribute to Vince Meghrouni

UHF.TV #7 A tribute to Vince Meghrouni
Video by Dave Travis / UHF.TV
Featuring the Atomic Sherpas, the Charmkin Rebellion, and Fatso Jetson

Vince Meghrouni is one of the most talented multi-instrumentalists in Los Angeles. 
He plays drums and flute, harmonica, and saxophone.
Besides the bands featured here he has also played with Bazooka, Mike Watt, Hellbat, El Grupo Sexo, Carlos Guitarlos, and the Downbeats.
Vince was seriously injured in a bike accident so we at UHF.TV want to pay tribute to his talent and wish him a complete and quick recovery.

Atomic Sherpas - War Pigs
El Corita, Lincoln Heights, California
Video by Dave Travis / UHF.TV
Carlos Alvidrez - Trombone, Michael Alvidrez - Bass, Ryan Dean - Drums, Marc Doten - Keyboards, Matt Lake - Guitar, Vince Meghrouni - Saxaphone

Charmkin Rebellion Liquid Kitty, West Los Angeles, 11/20/11 Video by Dave Travis / UHF.TV
Victor Balogh - Guitar, Vocals
Mikalino Amundson - Guitar, Vocals
David Foster - Bass, Vocals
Vince Meghrouni - Drums

Fatso Jetson at the Lo Desert Sound Festival, Thermal, CA 9/10/11
Video by Dave Travis / UHF.TV
Mario Lalli - Guitar / Vocals
Larry Lalli - Bass
Vince Meghrouni - Harmonica
Tony Tornay - Drums

UHF.TV #6 Carnage Asada

UHF.TV #6 Carnage Asada at the 2009 Eagle Rock Music Festival
Songs: Mexican Tar, Zombie Funk
Camera: Mike Jones, Edited by Dave Travis
Carnage Asada:
George Murillo: Vocals
Dave Travis: Cello
Dave Jones: Bass
Chris Stein: Bass
Tony Fate: Guitar
Steve Reed: Drums
Check Out Carnage Asada at BLOOMFEST in Downtown L.A. on July 21, 2012

UHF.TV #5 Punk Popurri

UHF.TV #5 Punk Popurri - videos by Dave Travis
Firehose - Under the influence of the Meat Puppets - Santa Monica College 
Dez Cadena's Broke Down Bitches - Louie Louie - Brighton Bar Long Branch,NJ
Special Guests (Keith MorrisChuck DukowskiBill Stevenson, Stephen Egerton) - I've Had it - Santa Monica Civic
Gary Tovar - Goldenvoice 30 Speech - Santa Monica Civic
Circle One - Cathay De Grande Punk Rock Extravaganza 2012

UHF.TV #4 A Night at the Cacophony Museum

UHF.TV #4 - A Night at the Cacophony Museum

Benefit Preview Screening of INTO THE ZONE  at the Yosh Theatre and The Cacophony Society Zone Show at the Grand Central Art Center  and Santa Ana Art Walk .  Santa Ana, CA 2/4/12
Video by UHF.TV / Dave Travis
Featuring performances by CreekbirdClowns and FetusesFancy Space People
Into the Zone clip courtesy of IntoTheZoneMovie.Com
Montage music - Things to watch out for by Halfway to Cleveland

UHF.TV #3 Backbiter 20th Anniversary Special

UHF.TV #3 Backbiter 20th Anniversary Special
celebrating 20 years of Backbiter. Taped live at the Redwood Bar in Downtown Los Angeles 11/5/11 by Dave Travis. Featuring Biblical Proof of UFOsMotorcycle Black Madonnasthe DagonsSaccharine Trust, and Backbiter. 

UHF.TV #2 A Night at the Punk Rock Museum

UHF.TV #2 A Night at the Punk Rock Museum
Opening Night of the Punk Rock Museum in Los Angeles 1/14/12 Produced / Directed / Photographed / Edited by Dave Travis Performances by LandfillHari KariRF7 Interviews with Taquila Mockingbird,David Worth.

UHF.TV #1 Liquid Kitty Punk Rock BBQ

UHF.TV Episode 1 Punk Rock Barbecue
Liquid Kitty Punk Rock Barbecue West Los Angeles, California, USA 11/20/11 Landfill,The Charmkin RebellionTrotsky IcepickMike Watt and the Missing Men, Savage RepublicChotto Ghetto Video by Dave Travis Thanks to Liquid Kitty / Dave Childs and the bands for letting me video.